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Heirloom Tomato Toast Salsa Macha

You may already love tomato toast BUT get ready to elevate your experience! This meal is quick, easy and the perfect way to brighten your morning. Of course, don’t forget to brew your cafecito while you make your toast so you can enjoy it.  *Support your local farmers and get your tomatoes at your local farmers market during their season. Ingredients: 2 slices of bread (we like thick-sliced whole-grain + seeded bread) 1 heirloom tomato Pinch of Marisal sea salt Queso fresco Kuali’s salsa macha clasica or cacahuate *Extra: we added spicy guacamole to the bottom of one of our tomato toasts which adds a creamy texture. Let’s make our Salsa Macha Heirloom Tomato Toast: Place your slice of bread in a toaster oven or comal until golden brown Cut your heirloom tomato in ½ inch slices Remove your toast from the oven and spread your tomato slices Sprinkle a pinch of Marisal sea salt over your toast Drizzle your favorite Kuali salsa macha over your toast ¡Provecho! Tag us on on Instagram @kualisalsa with your heirloom tomato toast.