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Salsa Macha Molletes

Molletes (pronounced moh-yeh-tehs) is a traditional Mexican toast. It is not only delicious but super easy to make! Start your morning with molletes, your favorite Kuali salsitas and some cafecito. You won’t be disappointed!


*If you can’t find bolillo, substitute for your favorite French or Italian loaf of bread. The same goes for the Ducal black beans- use your favorite black beans. As for the cheese, any melting cheese will do.

Let’s make molletes:

  1. Place your comal on the stove and put it on medium heat
  2. Cut your bolillo in ½ and put some butter on the top
  3. Place the bolillo on the comal and let the bread toast on both sides
  4. Spread black beans on your bolillo and add shredded Oaxaca cheese to the top
  5. Lower the heat and place a lid over the bolillo on the comal to allow the cheese to melt
  6. Take your bolillo off the comal and drizzle Kuali salsa macha and/or any of our fresh salsas

Tip: to make molletes more filling you can also top them off with chorizo, soyrizo, scrambled eggs or pico de gallo. Be adventurous and add more than 1 salsa to your molletes.

Remember, there’s no rules with salsa. 

¡Provecho! Tag us on Instagram @kualisalsa with your molletes.

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