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¡Hola, bienvenidos a Kuali! Welcome to Kuali.

We are Janeen and Rodrigo Cruz, the husband and wife duo behind Kuali. Janeen is the daughter of Mexican immigrants from El Ejido Hermosillo, Baja California, MX and Rodrigo is an immigrant from México City, MX. Kuali’s story starts in our home kitchen in Oakland, CA. 


After immigrating to the U.S, Rodrigo's reconnection to his mamá, Mely, and México was in the kitchen. It’s the sacred space where he recreates and shares the dishes and salsas he grew up with. Connecting around Mexican culture, food and salsa was how Janeen and Rodrigo met.


It did not take long for Janeen to see and taste the magic behind Rodrigo’s salsas which were perfectly balanced with bold flavors and had just enough heat to leave you wanting more. Unlike anything Janeen grew up with in the United States. As a first generation Mexican-American, she had finally tasted a product that tasted like Mexico.


As two Mexicanos, our daily life revolves around food and salsa. Salsa is life.


Kuali was established in 2020, mid-pandemic, because we refused to settle for the inauthentic salsas in the U.S. market. We are here to introduce an authentic, bold and unapologetic salsa experience. When you taste our salsas you’ll think “esto es México.”


Mil Gracias,


Janeen Mendoza Cruz + Rodrigo Cruz Ayala, Owners