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Salsa Macha Crispy Tacos

Are you ready for an easy yet scrumptious crispy taco recipe? You will only need 4 ingredients. That is right! Here's our salsa macha crispy tacos recipe which we made made in a pinch one afternoon.


Let’s make our Salsa Macha Crispy Tacos:

  1. Place yellow corn tortillas on a comal until tortillas soften
  2. Remove your tortillas from the comal, spread black beans on them, crumble some queso seco and add a healthy drizzle of your favorite Kuali salsa macha
  3. Fold yellow corn tortillas in half, add some salsa macha oil to the comal then place your folded tacos on the comal until they get crispy

¡Provecho! Tag us on on Instagram @kualisalsa with your salsa macha crispy tacos.

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